Indira Gandhi with congress men, Delhi, 1967

Late hours working at her office in Parliament, 1970

Indira Gandhi at a congress session, Delhi, 1967

In her office, 1971

Mrs. Gandhi with president V V Giri, 1970

In a congress meeting, 1973

Being escorted by security guards, 1967

Rajiv Gandhi at his mother’s funeral, Delhi, 1984

A Congress session, Tirupathi, 1992

With Congress leaders, 1977

With tribal dancers, 1973

Villagers greet Mrs. Gandhi, 1980

In Shimla, 1972

Guard of Honour at Red Fort, 1973

In Shimla, 1972

Against The Himalayas, 1972

Nation in grief, 1984

Nation in grief, 1984

A portrait of Mrs. Gandhi, 1982

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