For Raghu Rai, Mumbai has been like a mini- New York – the business hub of an over-crowded nation; a cultural melting pot overflowing with job-seekers, dreamers and dynamic businessmen with a high level of energy almost always palpable in a city wrought with social, cultural, religious and political tensions; and a metropolis that, like Kolkata, had been photographed extensively since the 1850s by some of the finest photographers in the world.

The tragic 26/11 attack on Mumbai brought the historic city to the forefront of every Indian’s attention. As a befitting tribute to the city, Raghu Rai decided to put together a personal record of how it has spread its wings, tentacles and roots in every direction over the last few decades.

Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel from the hotel’s tower, 1970

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, 2010

An acrobat performing on the maidan near Chowparty

Poised on a footboard, a ride along the seafront

A Parsi restaurant

Writer Shobhaa De at her home, 2000

Enjoying home-grown-merry-go-rounds on Marine Drive

Late evening outside, The Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India, 2006

Reflection on a hotel window at Marine Drive, 2002

Actor Kareena Kapoor getting ready for Priyadarshan’s film, Hulchul

Spellbound by the scale and craftsmen-ship of the sculptures

Church Gate Station, 1995

Sahar slums, Santa Cruz Airport, 2004

A view of the airport from Dharavi slums, 2004

Participants of a vintage car rally at Kalaghoda

Washing hung up to dry in Fishermen’s colony

Building the flyover at Mahim

Homeward bound at Dadabhai Naoroji Road, 2004

Crowds at Chowparty Beach

The blissful glow of sundown bouncing off the waters and faces

Dusk on the seafront engulfs man and nature alike

Marine Drive, 2009

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