Raghu Rai captures this fascinating land with love and affection, he says, “Whether I am using a backdrop which I rarely do or photographing people in their natural environments which I mostly do - it’s your focused spirit, connecting with the energies all around that structures itself together in a moment of revelation as a whole mass. Whereby creating an impression of a backdrop and it works together in unison with every other element in the foreground. This is the kind of discipline that brings together many nuances, many contradictions and unexpected elements in any given situation into a symphony. ”These beautiful nuances of a fascinating land are seen in Raghu Rai’s photographs, as they unfold the splendours of Gujarat– in its past, present and future glory.

Bazigar, New Delhi, 2008

Backdrop Series I, Pushkar, 2009

Backdrop Series III, Pushkar, 2009

Backdrop Series XI, Pushkar, 2009

Backdrop Series IX, Nagaur, 2011

Backdrop Series XI, Pushkar, 2009

Backdrop Series IV, Pushkar, 2009

Backdrop Series XII, Kachchh, 2011

Backdrop Series II, Kachchh, 2011

Backdrop Series VI, Kachchh, 2011

Backdrop Series V, Pushkar, 2009

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