As part of the educational program organized by Raghu Rai Foundation for Arts and Photography and Creative Image we are proud to announce our second exclusive photography workshop.


30th October to 3rd November 2017

Pushkar Mela, 20kms from Ajmer, Rajasthan


Magnum Photographer and Creative Image Magazine curator Mr. Raghu Rai will run a 5 days workshop, and will lead the group through a daily program of shooting, reviewing, group discussion, mentoring, editing, and advise on how to shape your journey into a photo story / photographic book project.

Application : Closed

Workshop is limited to 15 participants only.


 “Miracles do happen only if you have total faith and patience to wait for as long as it takes. Our ancestors, it seems, fed Indian mythology with the most imaginative dreams. And we the believers, through the ages bestowed our faith diligently and indulged ourselves into believing in it- and waiting for the miracles to happen. All these years, ever since I have been a photographer—I think my first ever trip was in 1972 quick and short—my experience remained incomplete and longed to come back to it. The biggest book that I have ever tried to read and after almost five decades I continue to explore its wonders of life and nature.”


Pushkar twenty kilometers from Ajmer in Rajasthan is considered to be the holiest of the fords “TIRATH” of Hindu pilgrimage as ‘Tirathguru’. The three Pushkars were created around the three water bodies formed when three lotus petals dropped from Brahma’s hand as he searched for a place for a fire rite.


On every few yards there is an image to be structured by variety of elements. Every yard holds a magical frame to be captured that has endless variety of forms, textures, colors; and above all the human spirit and its delightful mingling with the fluffy-camely brown-black spread in the desert. 

In Pushkar, you see camels from here to infinity. You see them jump out from the spaces, sticking out their heads from the herd, flapping their ears, tossing their tails going above their heads and young camels shrieking out to grab your attention.

But another area full of horses—pure white to a dark stallions like magic—cows and bulls and herd of sheep breathing through the whole atmosphere is an experience of another century gone by.

A five-day workshop where the day shall begin before the sunrise when herds of camel and their owners—husband wife and children—are waking up to the first ray of sun. Till late in the evening when the warm colors are fading into the twilight and the almost full moon begins to rise with a breathless awe to spread its glow on the resting sea of camels and humans in a large endless bed of sand dunes.

Every evening, after the shoot, there will be an editing exercise to pick up five best images of the day. The last day (fifth day), shall be the day of final structuring of a selected images into a little booklet of what Pushkar fair meant to each one of you.




Creative Image is delighted to announce it’s Second workshop in India, to be held during Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan (20kms from Ajmer). This unique workshop will be led by Magnum photographer Raghu Rai.



Creative Image workshops are aimed at photographers interested in narrative and storytelling, who are looking to take the next logical step in their photographic development. The workshop environment is intended to be an organic experience and Magnum’s photographer mentors will support participants where best; from sharpening a visual signature or developing editing skills.



During these 5 extraordinary days, Rai will lead the group through a daily program of shooting, reviews, group discussion, mentoring, editing, and advise on how to shape your shooting into a photo story/ photographic project. The medium of instruction will be English.

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